CT Mitchell


Overcoming a 30 year procrastination streak, CT Mitchell has penned 38 short read novels in six years in the mystery, thriller and cozy mystery genres. 13 of these became #1 Amazon bestsellers in category and over 30 hit the Top 10 in their Amazon US category.


In 2018 Murder Secret found its way onto shelves in the UK including Waterstones, W H Smith and Foyles Books. In 2019 it was shortlisted in the QWC’s Adaptable programme where Australian based film company Steve Jaggi Productions secured the shopping rights to market the book for adaption as a television series to networks including Amazon Prime and Netflix.


He has signed distribution deals with Indian book distributor Juggernaut Books and China based Bytedance signed Breaking Point to a 2 year non-exclusive deal. His next novel, The Barber, will be published through the Australian publishing house, Hawkeye Publishing.


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