Hedley Thomas


Hedley Thomas began his career in newspapers at 17 as a copyboy at the Gold Coast Bulletin. He has been a foreign correspondent in London and spent six years at Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post. He has been a senior journalist for The Australian for 15 years. Hedley is the author of Sick to Death about a dangerous surgeon, Dr Jayant Patel.


He has won multiple awards, among them seven Walkleys including the 2007 Gold Walkley for exposing the fiasco surrounding the police pursuit of Dr Mohamed Haneef and the 2018 Gold Walkley for his first podcast, The Teacher’s Pet. Hedley investigated, wrote and narrated The Teacher’s Pet podcast series about the disappearance and alleged murder of a young Sydney mother. It attracted audiences around the world.


In 2020, Hedley and The Australian launched his second highly acclaimed cold case podcast investigation, The Night Driver, about the disappearance and probable murder of a young Bathurst woman.


He lives in Brisbane with his wife and family.


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