Jute-workshop-1-the-hero Capricorn Coast Writers Festival Presenter
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2PM Write Sparks: Workshop 2 – The Hero
with JUTE Theatre Company Cairns

All JUTE workshops are supported by the CQ Regional Arts Services Network.


The Hero: Creating characters to carry your story.


Need a hero? Of course, you do! Or at least your story needs one. Your hero is someone from whose eyes your audience/readers will experience the world of your story. And he or she needs to be an interesting hero; full of complex needs, compelling desires, and conflicting emotions. And that goes for everyone in your story world. This workshop will help you generate some of the details of a truly memorable character to carry your story.



JUTE Theatre Company Cairns are excited to bring Write Sparks workshops to the inaugural Capricorn Coast Writers Festival 2019.


Write Sparks 101 participants will be introduced to the four pillars of story-telling; narrative, character, theme and structure over four workshops. The sessions will help writers sift through their ideas, cherry-pick the very best narrative and explore which details of character and theme will make their narrative leap from the page. Finally, writers will discover the most useful story structure to engage their audience from start to finish. Participants will then also be able to access the Write Out Loud online program to support their ongoing development.


Workshops will include:

  • explanations and printed materials to illustrate.
  • exercises to practice and apply directly to your own work
  • interactive group discussions and feedback
  • visualization techniques developed by the facilitator to enhance your ideas
  • duo-dramaturgy: an interactive session to help you in gain clarity with your work.
  • inspiration and practical suggestions on how to move forward effectively with your work after the workshops are finished, including access to Write Out Loud.

During the course of the workshop, you will learn specific skills and techniques to approach your writing. The goal is to have develop a clear picture of the work you are intending to write or a fresh clarity around the work you have already begun.

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Date: 1 June
When: 2pm – 4pm
Where: The Mill Gallery


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