Magnetic Author: How To Attract A Constant Flow Of Readers Who Buy, Become Fanatic Fans And Refer Others
with CT Mitchell

Magnetic Author explores the sea change in the way an author can become the hunted not always the hunter, in acquiring new prospects that become raving fans WITHOUT breaking the bank.


In an ever-changing world of Facebook, Tik Tok, Club House, Instagram, Pinterest and others, this system will teach you how to be the owner of your own platform and not succumb to the whims of the tech giants. The process is based around well proven strategies, tested over time. No theory, no vague ideas and not bank busting, financially draining fads. This is a system you can rely on no matter whether you write fiction or non-fiction.


Get ready for 2 hours of action-packed information that will change your writing career. Enter the room, pull out your pad and pen, turn off your phone and be present. Your writing career is about to take off!

Date: 13 June
Where: Salt Apartments Conference Rooms, Ground Floor
Due to Covid considerations, all events, including free events, must be ticketed. No entry will be granted unless a ticket is presented. Follow the TryBooking link on each event to get your ticket!


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