david-hunt-workshop Capricorn Coast Writers Festival
Tall Tales and True – Telling and Selling a Story
with David Hunt, author

Discover how an overweight and balding forty-something public servant transformed himself into an overweight and balding forty-something Australian history and children’s book writer, podcaster, speaker and television presenter.

David will discuss the importance of storytelling, truth-telling, narrative and character across all genres of writing and presenting, using examples of his own work and that of far more talented and successful writers.

Should you tailor your story to the expectations of others?  Should you be faithful to convention or flirt with novelty? Should you embrace or ignore criticism? Should you publish, be damned, or both?  Should you fall for a smooth-talking agent’s sales pitch or dance with the Devil by the pale moonlight? Should you insist on a clause in your writing contract that entitles you to a mixed plate of cured meats at your book launch?

Help David find the answers to these questions in a discussion on selling your story.

What to bring: Bring a computer or a pad and pen, depending on your level of technical literacy and inclinations. David will bring a pillowslip filled with unusual objects and a blindfold for those open to new experiences.

Date: 1 June
When: 9am – 11am
Where: Livingstone Shire Council Community Centre


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